Transform Your Space With These Summer Design Trends

Summer is one of our favorite seasons here at Habitat Home & Garden. Spring-cleaning is over, and it’s time spruce up your space for the summer months with this season’s design trends. Here are some of our favorite trends this season that can help turn your space into a summer retreat.

Bring the Outdoors, In

We love taking seasonal inspiration from the outdoors, and summertime is no exception. Instead of trying to recreate the beauty of the outdoors, we love repurposing items found in nature for simplistically beautiful custom furniture and decorative accessories.




Choose Designs That Make You Take A Second Look

Trends in sustainability and up-cycling have transferred over to the design realm, and taking something old and turning it into something new and unexpected has become extremely popular. Not only do these creative designs get people talking, you can feel good about using repurposed pieces with a very small environmental footprint. 





Mix And Match Fun, Bright Prints

Bright colors are perfect for the summer months, and a great way to quickly add a pop of color and transform a space. Playing with patterns has become very popular. We recommend you choose a type of design and color scheme, and mix and match patterns within those specifications. This keeps the cool, eclectic feel without clashing or conflicting elements.



Not sure how you want to design your space? We're happy to help! Stop by our downtown showroom for some design inspiration, where you can talk with our design experts who will work with you and help transform your space. 


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