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—a sentiment, we think, that holds true for people as well as upholstery. But we’re sticking to our expertise here and working with the prior. The inner workings of our made-to-order upholstery line at McGee & Co. have always been a priority for us because, as designers, we know as well as anyone that when investing in a one-of-a-kind, custom piece, you want it to last. Whether it’s the headboard for the primary bedroom or a sofa for the grand room, every detail counts—even when you can’t see them. Sometimes those are what matter the most.

The art of upholstery has been around for centuries, so when creating our made-to-order upholstery line, we put our trust in artisans who have honed this craft over years, sometimes generations, of experience. Each piece that requires a frame is crafted in solid oak, providing a foundation that is incredibly durable and capable of withstanding the test of time [and children]. Each cushion is then wrapped in a combination of memory foam, down, and padding, striking the perfect balance between soft and firm. As Shea and our design team conceptualizes each piece, we work closely with our upholstery team to ensure that each shape is capable of holding the chosen fabric and design details. In the end, guaranteeing the product will be as beautiful as it is sturdy.

The final detail added is the upholstery itself, masterfully fitted to the frame by our artisans. Our selection of fabrics have been hand-picked by Shea after sifting through thousands of samples. With an emphasis on both the function and beauty of every fabric option, we’ve curated a selection of swatches that can suit any space, doing the hard work for you so all that’s left is choosing the one you love. But before committing to your fabric, there are a few considerations we recommend making. See our tips below to narrow down the right upholstery for your space.